Plates & Scales

We work closely with local engineers to create custom scales and plates for use in making Historical squamata, Coats of plates, and fantasy Scalemail in a range of different metals and finishes.

Scalemail and Related Armours


Plates linked together with rings, or sewn onto a leather or canvas backing. It takes around 120 of our 2-inch by 3-inch plates, linked together with 8mm rings to make an average size vest. 200 of our D-Scales sewn onto backing will cover an average chest.


Plates sewn onto the back of or between layers of cloth or leather. As plate sizes vary from garment to garment, we do not stock any specific size, but can make up plates to your specification.


Plates linked together with cord or leather thronging. A chest covering uses around 60 Lamellae, a vest uses 300

Coat of Plates

Plates of different shapes and sizes riveted to the back of strong leather or cloth to give good protection and mobility without excessive weight.

Tailoring Information

Scalemail (aluminium)

Plates linked together or sewn onto a cloth or leather backing. Depending on the style chosen, these can make effective LRP lightweight armour.

It takes around 120 of our 2″ x 3″ rectangular plates linked together with the rings supplied in the sets, to make an average sized vest. 200 of our D-scales sewn onto backing leather will cover an average chest.

Scalemail (steel)

Plates linked/sewn together (Lamellar) onto or in between layers of cloth or leather (Brigandine).

Steel plates can be made to order and costs will vary depending on quantity, size and thickness.

Lamella armour - made to fit

Lamella scales are available in 14G aluminium or 16G Steel.

£1 per plate used in 14G Aluminium,
£1.10 per plate used in 16G Steel.

The average price is £40 to £50 in Aluminium,
£100 in Steel.

We can make Lamella scale armour to fit you!
call us for a quote or advice on how many scales
you’ll need for the garments you require.

Scales to make your own armour

50mm x 75mm 14G aluminium: £0.70 each
38mm x 85mm 16G steel: £0.80 each

Other sizes and different hole configurations are available, priced according to material and complexity.

Tailor made Greaves and Vambraces

These items can be made to order, please contact us for more details.
Other shapes, types and sizes can be made to your specifications.

Single Plate Vambraces

Splint mail vambraces: £65 Greaves: £85

Chain bracers Starting from £60 per pair

Archer's bracers

Archer's bracers

Dual Plate Bracer (Starting from £50 per pair)

Chain greaves

Ringmail Bracers Starting from £60 per pair

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