Design Service

Need a pattern or house crest built into your chainmail? Not a problem! Drop us an email with your designs, and we can build you the section you need, or draught you a pattern to follow.


Vests are sleeveless tunics down to the waist. A ringmail vest made with 3mm/3mm rings requires about 54000 rings, a 6mm/6mm ring size vest requires about 13500 rings and a 6mm/12mm ring size vest requires about 6000 rings.

Scalemail vests require at least 8 sets of scalemail to make. Each set consists of 12 50mm*75mm*2mm aluminium plates and 65 steel 8mm rings with which to join the plates together. Scalemail vests cost from £100.00.


Shirts have half or quarter length sleeves and come down to about mid thigh. A ringmail shirt made with 3mm/3mm rings requires about 81000 rings, a 6mm/6mm ring size shirt requires about 21000 rings and a 6mm/12mm ring size shirt requires about 9000 rings.

Chainmail shirts made with 6mm rings require about 40000 rings, a 8mm ring size chainmail shirt requires about 20000 rings and a 10mm ring size chainmail shirt requires about 13000 rings.

Terms and Conditions

We normally request full payment, including postage and packing with your order for stock items. A deposit of 25% of the estimated price is payable on items that have to be made up, the remaining 75% + shipping on completion before dispatch.

Payment can be accepted in cash, cheque, credit or debit card, or bank transfer. Overseas transfers may carry a small handling charge.

Shipping (postage and packing) is usually charged by weight. In the UK most items are sent via Royal Mail, but couriers may be used if they are cheaper, or requested. Parcels are not insured unless requested. If a package goes missing, we will do our best to locate it, but we cannot guarantee to replace it.


We endeavour to send out stock items the same day if  they are ordered before mid-day, or the next day for anything ordered after noon. Custom orders can potentially have vastly differing creation times so be sure to let us know your deadline and we will do everything possible to meet it.

The use to which any item or product supplied is put, is entirely up to the purchaser. Armchair Armoury Ltd., its employees, agents or associates, cannot accept any liability for injury or damage, howsoever caused by the goods supplied.


It is a fact of life that steel is prone to rust. Some of the rings that we do not manufacture ourselves, have started a surface rust when we receive them, batches do vary in this respect. Where possible we try to clean them up and give them a thin coat of oil, before despatch to you, but we cannot guarantee that there will be no signs of corrosion when you receive them. If you do receive such a batch, surface rust can easily removed by shaking the rings together with some White Spirit and a little light oil in a suitable container (old paint tin), pouring off the liquid for safe disposal and drying the washed rings off in the open air on an old piece of cloth. The electro-plated rings should be rust free when you receive them, but if you allow them to stay in contact with water for some time, it is possible that rust may be promoted through minute cracks that can occur in the plating. We recommend that whatever the finish of your armour, it is dried and cleaned after every outing, lightly sprayed with WD40 and rolled up in a lightly oiled cloth or bag for storage.

The Armchair Armoury and the staff of reserve the right to change the materials, prices, finishes and conditions, at any time, without prior notice being given.

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