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Tailoring Information


Ringmail is an open mesh type that can be made from a combination of ring sizes, e.g. 4/4, 5/8, 6/6, 6/12 etc. It is lighter than 4 in 1 European Chainmail and therefore easier to move in. 8/8, both Square and Round section meshes are frequently used for curtains, Fire Screens and protective Coverings.

An average size 6/6 vest requires 13,500 rings and a Hauberk 21,000 rings.

An average size 6/12 vest requires 6,000 rings and a Hauberk 9,000 rings.

European Chainmail

This is a closed mesh made from interlinking similar sized rings.

An average size Chainmail Hauberk requires 40,000 6mm rings.

An average size Chainmail Hauberk requires 24,000 8mm rings.

We do not recommend the use or square section rings larger than 8mm for garments because of weight and comfort, but round section up to 10mm do not cause these problems. Garments can be shaped within the limits of the ring size used.

As well as making 4 in 1 mail, our round section rings are also suitable for the construction of 6 in 1, 'Kings mail', and with the larger links, 8 in 1 mail pieces.


Plates linked together with rings, or sewn onto a leather or canvas backing. It takes around 120 of our 2-inch by 3-inch plates, linked together with 8mm rings to make an average size vest. 200 of our D-Scales sewn onto backing will cover an average chest.


Plates linked together with cord or leather thronging. A chest covering uses around 60 Lamellae, a vest uses 300.


Plates sewn onto the back of or between layers of cloth or leather. As plate sizes vary from garment to garment, we do not stock any specific size, but can make up plates to your specification.

Coat of Plates

Plates of different shapes and sizes riveted to the back of strong leather or cloth to give good protection and mobility without excessive weight.

Design Service

You tell us what you require and we will design it, price it and make it up if required. Pictures, crests, etc. can be built into chainmail and ringmail armour. Meshes can be shaped to fit and decoration can be added. In our time, we have had many odd requests, a few of which are in the product gallery. We are keen to be tested, just ask, there is no charge for a consultation.