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Round Section Rings

Round Section Ring
Round Section Ring
Round Section Ring
Round Section Ring

The Armchair Armoury produces mandrel-wound rings in various materials and sizes. We have the following materials in 6mm and 8mm wire:

The HS3 high tensile steel rings can also be finished in 'Dry Black'.

Brass rings are slightly softer than our Phosphor-Bronze ones, and should be used for decoration purposes only. They weigh more than Steel, but less than Phosphor-Bronze.

Prices per 1000 Rings

Ring Size /
HS3 Spring
Oil Blackened
HS3 Steel
302 Stainless
Pure Phosphure
Tough Alluminium
Brass Copper Plated
6mm/1.2mm £5.25 £10.00 £10.00 £14.00 n/a £14.00 n/a
Weight 200g 200g 200g
8mm/1.6mm £6.00 £12.00 £12.00 £17.00 £12.00 £17.00
Weight 440g 400g
10mm/1.6mm £9.00 n/a £15.00 £20.00 n/a £20.00 £8.00
Weight 480g 480g 500g 570g 180g 570g

Other sizes are possible and different metals can be used to produce new lines, as demand requires. As with split washers (square section rings) we can get the steel rings electro plated, but we do not recommend this, since plating on a round section is much more likely to flake off during working.

Battle Re-enactment

All of the steel rings are suitable for battle re-enactment. The phosphur bronze rings are slightly softer but can be used safely (according to our present knowledge) for trimmings and patters on steel armour. Aluminium alloy rings should never be used for battle re-enactment, but are often stronger than many imported steel rings and are perfectly adequate for making ultra light weight armour for live roleplaying or theatre/filming.

Other Specifications

By making our own rings, we are in a position to produce other types and sizes to suit our customers' individual requirements. There are minimum order quantities for these so please contact Mike at the armoury for more information.

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