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Mail Construction

Photo of Pliers

Pliers, the basic tools

Like most things in life, we all have our favourite methods of making Ringmail and Chainmail. Most people use two pairs of pliers. A few workers use pronged keys, the type and size of these varying from person to person. Great strength is not needed, although the work can be hard on the wrists and hands. Technique and dexterity, coupled with a lot of patience is the key to successful mail construction.

The Horizontal Beam Method

Many people favour laying the work in front of themselves, on their lap or on a table, and sitting in front of the TV whilst adding the rings. I find it much easier to hang my work up on pins in a horizontal beam in front of me (see the picture below). This keeps it in place and it is easy to see if you have made an error and is much easier to pick out errors in patches that have already been made up. No matter which method you use, we can supply, free of charge, simple instruction sheets for Ring, Chain, and Scalemail construction of simple garments.

8mm Chainmail under construction on a horizontal beam
8mm Chainmail on a horizontal beam
6/12mm Ringmail under construction on a horizontal beam
6/12mm Ringmail on a horizontal beam

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