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Stock Chainmail Items

If you need some chainmail in a hurry we normally carry a small stock of various chainmail items that we have made ourselves, made from either square section rings or mandrel wound steel links.

At the Armchair Armoury we prefer not to compromise the quality of our chainmail by hurrying its construction. A typical chainmail shirt can be delivered in six to eight weeks if we do not have a suitable one in stock. This is because constructing a chainmail garment involves joining each individual ring into the mesh by hand to produce the highest quality chainmail you'll find anywhere. The construction time may vary depending on a garment's size, complexity and ring type, but let us know what you want and we will be able to tell you how long it will take.

Chainmail and coif

4 in 1 Chainmail Coif and Shirts

Coif (protects head, nape and throat)
8mm steel rings: £95.00
Extended over the shoulders: £125.00

8mm aluminium rings: £130.00
Extended over the shoulders: £160.00

Shirt with ¼ sleeves, mid thigh
8mm steel rings: £450.00
6mm steel rings: £800.00
8mm aluminium rings: £580.00

Other finishes may be in stock from time to time.

Aventail (hung from a helmet to protect nape)
8mm steel rings: £45.00
6mm steel rings: £55.00
8mm aluminium rings: £55.00



Soft leather backed with a single buckle attachment. Made from 8mm square or round section rings.
Steel: £45.00
Bright silver electro plated: £60.00
Extended (steel): £72.00
Extended (electro plated): £77.00

Gladiator Arms

Gladiator Arm

Protects arm. Held with leather straps.
8mm rings: £110.00
Stainless steel: £130.00

(Note: prices are for one arm.)


Chausse (pair)

Covers legs. We recommend for comfort and weight that it does not fully enclose you legs. Chausse must be made to order and will require one or two fittings.
8mm round section steel rings: from £205.00 per pair
Includes a belt, all straps and ties.
Stainless steel: £220.00


Bishops Mantle

Protects the shoulders.
8mm steel rings: £82.00
Stainless steel: £93.00

Lorica Hamata

Lorica Hamata

Roman chainmail shirt (leather-backed shoulders,
alternate square and round section rows of rings).

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