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Lamella armour - made to fit

Lamella scales are available in 14G aluminium or 16G Steel.

£1 per plate used in 14G Aluminium,
£1.10 per plate used in 16G Steel.  

The average price is £40 to £50 in Aluminium,
£100 in Steel.

We can make Lamella scale armour to fit you!
Call us for a quote or advice on how many scales
you'll need for the garments you require.

Click on the images for bigger pictures.

Lamella armour image Lamella Breasplate

Scales to make your own armour

50mm x 75mm 14G aluminium: £0.70 each
38mm x 85mm 16G steel: £0.80 each

Other sizes and different hole configurations are available, priced according to material and complexity.