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For over 20 years the Armchair Armoury has been supplying armour to re-enactors, live action role players, demonstration teams, theatres, nightclubs, specialised industrial curtains, films and bespoke parts to industry, architects and others. 

We can construct and supply most small parts of metal armour, or the raw materials and instructions for its construction by you. We also tailor make armour, chain curtains, blankets and bespoke items. If you have a pattern or a design that you would like made up into a finished item, we can help you realise your wish.

Terms and Conditions

  1. We normally request full payment, including postage and packing with your order for stock items. A deposit of 25% of the estimated price is payable on items that have to be made up, the remaining 75% + shipping on completion before despatch.
  2. Payment can be accepted in cash, cheque, credit card, or bank transfer of funds. Overseas transfers may carry a small handing charge.
  3. Shipping (postage and packing) is usually charged as transport + £2.00. In the UK most items are sent via Royal Mail, but couriers may be used if they are cheaper, or requested. Parcels are not insured. If a package goes missing, we will do our best to locate it, but we cannot guarantee to replace it.
  4. The use to which any item or product supplied is put, is entirely up to the purchaser. Armchair Armoury Ltd., its employees, agents or associates, cannot accept any liability for injury or damage, howsoever caused by the goods supplied.
  5. We reserve the right to change the materials, prices, finishes and conditions, at any time, without prior notice being given.

Contact Details

The Armchair Armoury Ltd., Unit 4, Fontigarry Farm Business Park, Sidlow, Surrey. RH2 8QH

Telephone/fax: 01293 774466   Mobile: 0777 388 7764   Email Mike